2016 FAMmx Fall Cup

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The dog days of summer have finally come to an end which means its time for racers to begin preparing for the

4th Annual 2016 FAMmx Fall Cup

Don’t miss out on the action as the best racers in Mx Simulator strap into their computer chairs for the highly anticipated 2016 FAMmx Fall Cup. Racers will battle it out for 3 rounds of non-stop, heart pounding action with riders from all over the world competing for the top spot on the podium.

Who will be the next King of SX, Prince of SX, and Amateur Champion?

The 2016 FAMmx Fall Cup will provide a platform for all skill levels to compete featuring a variety of classes to let racers battle it out for race wins and championships against like-skilled competitors. 3 brand new tracks built by Blake Shiman will prove to be great tracks for beginners while also challenging the best in Mx Simulator.


Signups will open at www.racefactorygaming.com at least 3 days before the event. Signups will close on Race day at 7:50 PM CST. Any race that finishes after that time will not count towards qualifying.


King of SX (Open CC Pro) - Open to any A/Pro rF License Holders.

Prince of SX (250 Pro/Amateur) - Open to any A/B/C rF License Holders

Open Amateur - Open to anyone who has not raced an rF pro event or won an rF Amateur Championship.

*Note - 250 2 Strokes are allowed in the Lites class.


The 2016 FAMmx Fall Cup will feature a standard qualifying format giving riders 2 1/2 days to put in their best lap. Qualifying will start as soon as the track is released and will end at 7:50pm CST on the day of the race.

Pro Class Qualifying Servers

Amateur Qualifying Servers

Race Format

Race Server: elsinore.mxsimulator.com:19802

King of SX (Open CC Pro) 
Top 40 Qualify to Race
2 Heats - 6 Laps - Top 9 advance to main
1 LCQ - 4 Laps - Top 4 advance to main
Main Event - 20 Laps

Prince of SX (Lites CC + 250 2 Strokes Pro/Amateur) 
Top 40 Qualify to Race
2 Heats - 6 Laps - Top 9 advance to main
1 LCQ - 4 Laps - Top 4 advance to main
Main Event - 15 Laps

Open Amateur (Open CC) 
Top 40 Qualify to Race
2 Heats - 5 Laps - Top 9 advance to main
1 LCQ - 4 Laps - Top 4 advance to main
Main Event - 12 Laps

Race Schedule

8:00pm - UID Grab for all class

8:05pm - Open Amateur Heat 1
8:15pm - Open Amateur Heat 2

8:25pm - Prince of SX Heat 1
8:35pm - Prince of SX Heat 2

8:45pm - King of SX Heat 1
8:55pm - King of SX Heat 2

9:05pm - Open Amateur LCQ
9:15pm - Prince of SX LCQ
9:25pm - King of SX LCQ

9:35pm - Open Amateur Main Event
9:55pm - Prince of SX Main Event
10:20pm - King of SX Main Event

Round 1 - The Sandlot Baseball Park

King of SX: Jeremy Shipley
Prince of SX: Colton Mitchell
Open Amateur: Alex Stinson

Round 2 - Astoria Arena

King of SX: Tysen Fresquez
Prince of SX: Dade Honeywell
Open Amateur: Alex Stewart

Round 3 - Colona Civic Center

King of SX: Jesse Mullins
Prince of SX: Craig Leake
Open Amateur: Colby Egeland

Series Champions

King of SX Champion: Jeremy Shipley
Prince of SX Champion: James Armstrong
Open Amateur Champion: Alex Stinson

Series Venues

Round 1 – The Sandlot Baseball Park

Track Map

Round 2 – Astoria Arena

Track Map

Round 3 – Colona Civic Center

Track Map


Track Preview Video - Heckman Productions


Round 2 - Track Preview Video - Heckman Productions


Round 3 - Track Preview Video - Heckman Productions